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Marchi advantage 

ZENGRAN advantage ----- technology
"Ask what reason, clear channel for a source." Leading technology, not only made zengran national product of high quality, also be zengran packing in quality, scale, and brand advantage, and marketing of source!
The zengran in 2008, the packaging machine research production from the production, established separate packing machine, a single department working area, staffing, among r&d strength, and the enhancement of the assembly and imperfect system of packaging equipment for zengran company technical innovation has brought great changes.
Zengran installed at the same time in key setups does not forget non-standard products development, the company has been established since from lots of design personnel engaged in the development of non-standard equipment

ZENGRAN advantage-----quality
ZENGRAN based components from the security source supply, established the special quality department, according to different division division two small parts
1, product components inspection department:
Professional qualified personnel + professional advanced testing equipments + comprehensive testing procedures to eliminate the unqualified parts into the assembly shop, ensure the equipment of each component is not tainted factory, ensure the stability of the equipment operation!
2 and commissioning acceptance inspection department:
Each product line, can undertake 48-72 hours of continuous fatigue test, the test procedure and professional quality inspection data + professional personnel system to eliminate the equipment manufactured + in the factory for debugging unqualified goods occur, ensure the one line.any quality are qualified equipment!
ZENGRAN advantage --- service
From the first day zengran established since established after-sales service department, zengran worker always believed that good service is to promote outstanding equipments + equipment occupy the market a golden key!
Zengran company in zengran after-sale service staff is the most important company, with more excellent quality department, the operator can call in question; customer row When the general department about a 40 people after-sales service team, where there are problems and difficulties, just go where, valuable is this team is incredibly passports will be simple English staff account for more than 50%, can according to the customer request to the earth of every country do the post-sale service work!
To sum up, the high quality post-sale service team + perfect after-sale service system to ensure the equipment in the world is far stable operation, old customer maintenance decision is successful, the future is zengran people will take "the new old customer customer" this road always go!

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