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Enterprise culture 

I. Purpose of the enterprise
Collect the essence of the world seiko, create national industry as its own responsibility
2. Corporate mission
It is the common mission of marchi people to build an international first-class packaging enterprise, create a world-renowned brand, strive to become the best provider of packaging equipment, and comprehensively serve the economic and social development at home and abroad.
3.Marchi spirit
Unity, pragmatism, dedication, efficiency, innovation.
Sincere cooperation, make progress, share weal and woe, the spirit of solidarity.
Honest and upright person, down-to-earth work, the appearance of the same, words and deeds consistent pragmatic spirit.
Serious and responsible, loyal, hard-working, rigorous work dedication.
Quick action, strong execution, immediate results of the spirit of efficiency.
Continuous transcendence, pursuit of excellence, pioneering spirit of innovation, dare to be the first
4.Purpose of service
From pre-sales to after-sales, we provide customers with production line design scheme, equipment debugging, product use maintenance, maintenance and other aspects 24 hours at any time and anywhere.The service will be extended to three stages: pre-sales customer design scheme and plant design, in-sales technical guidance and after-sales lifelong service.
5.Business philosophy
Win with quality, treat customers with sincerity, conduct business with morality and run a business with the rule of law.
6.Enterprise mission
Create wealth, realize value, happy employees, happy customers, rich and powerful country.
7.Core value
Have a high sense of responsibility to the community responsible for their own responsibilities.

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