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Company process history 

In 1990:zengran the founders of the earliest developed automatic weighing machine mechanical and moderate doses of vertical bag filling and packaging machine, and used in jinan tongyuan company
In 1994, the predecessor of the "sanhua automation in hefei institute" ShiHe road 16 officially start producing automatic weighing machine, and the vertical packaging machine
In 1995 VFS1000: automatic weighing packing unit successfully effem foods company in Beijing, and has been used to use
In 1996: are far away, and mechanical company was officially established in hefei branch of the New Year, also won the national weather service "low-temperature calibrator" orders, the first single is far under automatic weighing machine sensor developed successfully
In 1997, zengran company set up offices in guangzhou, automatic packaging systems show of guangdong food, chemical enterprise, the first zengran sold for automatic packaging seed xiangfan zhengda agricultural company unit
In 1999, zengran company moved west road, hefei wangjiang industrial zone, the production of various types of start system automatic weighing machine, screw measuring machine and conveyor hoist, etc
In 2003, zengran company in hefei LuYang park land of 50 mu, began construction of modern industrial workshop
In 2005, the LuYang ingoing zengran: this company is already, have 10,000 square meters of modern workshop, the staff of 120 modern famous enterprises
2008: zengran company and establish a modernized workshop, the staff has 200 people, the newly established vertical packaging machine, large vertical zengran department of xinhuang nearly 200 sets, weighing more than 600 zengran machine, the products sell well in U.S.A., Europe, Africa, the world is far first second packaging system successfully developed

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